Demonstration Expectations

Aaaah!  I thoroughly enjoy painting demonstrations, especially when the blue light special isn’t me. Not that I don’t like to show and tell what inspires me to pick up a brush.  We tie our shoes, comb our hair, throw on lipstick drive maybe 30 minutes to be entertained by a local or national known artist with anticipation.  What are my expectations when I arrive and prepare to observe a painting demonstration, what are yours?  Is it an obligation, learning tool, social event or you somehow became the refreshment committee by default?   Some of you will relate to all of the above with certainty: there’s the obligated because the demonstrator is your ‘best’ friend, learn something new, socially comparing the latest surgical procedure and of course if you brought cookies we know why you are there.  

 Demonstrations can be filled with unexpected tips of the latest craze or it can put you to sleep.  I personally like to have a ‘wow’ moment like…duh! why didn’t I think of that. Wordy demonstrations about how many litters of puppies my spaniel has had since she was rescued can be shared at next weeks dog show. Whether I’m pitching or catching ‘cut to the chase’ is my preference.  A new combination of colors, a brush, new painting surface can inspire me and give the week old painting resting on my easel..legs.  I’m looking for something to set my hair on fire and because my attention span is just a fraction above a five year old….this native gets restless.  I tend to paint quick in that fast forwarded mode…. gravity refuses to show up when the brush is in slow motion.   Finishing a demonstration is where the action is or should be.  A painting half finished is a painting in progress.  I’m a Paul Harvey fan….I want to know the rest of the story.  

Without a doubt my demonstrations have been linked to all of the above….my apology to those who have suffered through with polite smiling faces.

Speaking of demonstrations….below is my demonstration presentation for a great group of fine artists in Brownfield, Texas.  A guest artist is always welcomed with encouragement and hospitality from these talented ladies.  A night time demonstration looks completely different the next day in natural light….this is a 16 x 20 watercolor on canvas. The demonstration was approximately 45 minutes start to finish due to a pending cool front. The next morning in natural light I made a few changes… in fact several changes….modification is the key word.  One disadvantage with watercolor on canvas is the lifting of value or hue.  If not careful the surrounding hues  may also come under attack. Which takes more than a few stabs or brush strokes to put it back……this is before and after.

BF demo 13                         demo makeover