A New Year Beginning

Wow! Christmas celebrations began early around my place bringing responsibility here, there and everywhere.  Finishing touches on this dish, one more recipe of candy, last gift wrapped or at least I think it’s the last one feeling good about the accomplishments made just that day.  Going to parties, having parties, dressing for this, changing for that enough to wish you hadn’t bought the ticket.  After the last fork is washed it’s time to make room for all the things that made their way into your nest.  By the time it is sorted, cleaned, stored it’s time to start again.  Is this wonderful or what?

I had much planned for the start of my new year……work on some ideas that made the mind dizzy with excitement just thinking about the possibilities.   Then sinus/flu/allergy made its way through the door and liking the surrounds more than outstayed their welcome.  Returning to a horizontal position and reclaiming those once fresh possibilities has been slow going.  Hopefully this coming year I can keep up with more dialogue for those visitors to the blog.

My first painting for the new year was a fun painting…..12 x 24 on canvas.  Sketching a quick cityscape using warm and cool hues with less water and more pigment, I attempted to let the painting paint itself.  Liking color can almost be a curse because rather than paying attention to values color seems to dominate.  I totally enjoyed setting aside the time to listen to Andrea Bocelli and paint with abandonment…..enjoy and keep painting….I plan too…..Gala Evening