Fringe People

One doesn’t paint too long with watercolor before they understand ‘crop’.  A few reasons to crop wonderful creative watercolors: the finished masterpiece doesn’t fit your only available mat… crop; a muddy ugly color appears without warning…so crop; the tedious planned composition doesn’t need all the extra fluff to tell the story…whatever the case we have all cropped.  If you haven’t you probably should have.

Years ago, don’t know the exact number of years but the frame and mat housing the first Fringe painting was fifteen dollars…a bargain in today’s economy.  A floral still life didn’t fit the available framing so the bottom half of the painting was ‘cropped’.  The cropped portion had possibilities so it went into the ‘maybe’ stack.  Maybe stacks are always questionable….are they worth additional paint or my time and the biggie do I want anyone to see this maybe.   The soft wash images of fringe that was cut from the pack was a tablecloth that surrounded an urn of flowers in the framed piece.  The cloth had knotted fringe all around the edge, way to much ‘fluff’….which was sacrificed so the prima donna would fit the framing.   This ‘maybe’ was moved from one drawer to another one of those love hate relationships.  Coming across this ‘maybe’ one afternoon the tied knots of fringe suddenly became heads and the hanging fringe resembled clothing.  Immediately my brush was loaded with color and thus ‘Fringe People’.  A shadow on the cloth had to be dealt with and a door seemed to fit the scene.  I paint a variety of subjects and enjoy all but not like the Fringe People…it wasn’t planned…it was out of the blue..and hey! I finally have ‘my people’…

Below is the original ‘Fringe People..

original Fringe









A sample of other paintings from the Fringe…..

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