Yes finally!  It has been sometime since my last post.  Life has many twist and turns….’things’ sometime have priority over posting.  After breakfast my idea of a perfect day ….is a cup of coffee in hand ignoring a long list of ‘do’s’  in exchange for studio time…uninterrupted.   Most of you can relate to my fantasy knowing all to well issues arise requiring our attention. As the song goes ‘that’s life’……

Below is the photo that was used for a quick fun study….one of those quick paintings when time is limited.

studies 961

The painting below has little if any drawing.  Of course the splashes of turquoise was the first thing to catch my eye.  Second would be the interesting furniture waiting outside for a buyer.  Next was organizing the shapes in my mind the largest to the smallest…no detail.  Painting is on dry cold press #140 paper so pigments are mixed with enough water to mix on the surface.  A natural bristle brush is used because it carries enough pigment and water avoiding hard edges.   Separate puddles of  reds/blue/yellow/turquoise are introduced to the mixing surface on the palette.

The brush is double loaded with red/blue or blue/green…to add a variety of color to the shapes.  Painting quickly is the key to keep edges soft.  The sky is painted first around the roof  shape.  As I approached the lower third of the painting a decision to add figures and preserve white paper for a contrast was executed.   The blues and yellows combine for the foliage in the lower right corner.  Laying down color and engaging my intuitive instinct is exciting.  Watching the colors run together some marrying some staying single.

Using color 1

After the paper was dry….separating shapes with line or additional small shapes were added with a round #4 brush and several size rigger brushes.  The dark lines give form or interest to the subject.  A few windows are suggested along with refining the figures and furniture for more action.  The ladder was added to break up and bring interest to the colorful side of the building.

Using Color 2

I encourage you to let go….paint the shape not a lined drawing.  It is freeing to avoid all the rules and paint with feeling….

Happy Painting!!!!