Something New

Although I paint almost everyday….life can become overwhelming.  It has been a while since I posted anything….so here is a recent watercolor project.

This is a study on paper for a 16 x 20 canvas.  I chose a triad of colors…purple/orange/yellow green.  These colors are the beginning of a family of colors.  Purple can be toned down with water….yellow green and orange become darker values by adding neutral tint or a darker green or orange to the original choice.  

Beginning on dry paper alternation of colors are applied in the sky painting around the buildings.  I continue down the composition using the selected colors for the shadows strengthening the value as I approach the center of interest.   The awnings and figures are the main feature.  Satisfied with the color and values the paper is set aside to dry.

After the paper is dry….dark values are mixtures of the triad colors.  Placing dark values in and around the center of interest create contrast and hopefully engage the viewer to finish the story.


Using this study for color, value, and composition…..this is the finished canvas.