Warm Up

Warm up is a good title today because it is about 15 degrees outside.  However the warm up I’m referring to are those days when there is window to paint and with so many ideas it is hard to focus on one subject…anyone?  The quick warm up painting below starts my creative wheels.  Sometime just putting out fresh color will ignite a particular image or making colorful shapes on any paper.

I began the quick painting below without a drawing.  Using a 1 1/2 inch brush the sky took on cool blues adding warm pigments as I proceeded across the top of the paper…leaving white shapes.  As the white shapes emerged buildings became my subject.  From that point on I began to visualize figures coming/going to their activity of the day.  Painting intuitively gives me many options…markets/busy streets/etc. letting the whites shape my imagination.  After big shapes are established, window/doors/signage began’s to identify a location.

Painting in this semi-abstract manner frees me up to paint what could be….not what is.