About the Artist

Jo Beth Gilliam a Texas native has painted over 40 years finding her creative voice in watercolor.  Her first watercolor class in the ’80’s  began an exciting journey drawing her attention away  from the oil medium.  Workshops from watercolor instructors, Frank  Webb and Christopher Schink, were instrumental for her loose and colorful style.   Jo Beth took  basic instructions and critiques with enthusiasm and painted almost non stop.  The mile high paintings….some good some not…. were the spring board for a teaching invitation.   Since the first colorful brush load of color on white paper,  she has introduced the watercolor excitement to many eager students.

Jo Beth has been an instructor/juror sharing her knowledge of the spontaneous medium of watercolor.  Her paintings have appeared in magazines, Artistic Touch, Splash and brochures.   On-line, Painting from Photographs instructions can be purchased at www.wetcanvas.com   Most of her studio time is spent preparing for the next workshop or gallery call.


A colorful shape, rather than the subject as a whole, is the beginning of my planning process.  How much of the local color and what changes are needed for a better composition are just a few of the questions to consider?   Watercolor at times has a mind of its own being your best friend or worst enemy.  The spontaneous reaction of colors making their journey across white paper remaining independent or marrying is exciting with every brush stroke.  Being a detail organized person by design, watercolor gives me creative licenses to let go. A painting begins by sketching just a few large suggested shapes for perspective and direction, washes of color are the bones for shape making and lastly marks complete and tie it together.