High Key with Mid Values

The paper was dry for washes of carmine, green and orange to be painted around the white buildings, and most of the street. Before the first wash was dry I painted in greens and shadows where they were needed. My plan was to keep the painting in high key (light values) leaving bright whites. It was a challenge to paint the values needed in the beginning as to not disturb them with unnecessary washes over the same area. After the painting was dry darker values where established, calligraphy, and a wash over the foreground street… it seemed to be to light….this is 15×22 using140#Arches cold press paper. Mid values dominate keeping whites and darks connected…..

Cloudcroft Art

Catching the fever….painting on canvas or paper which ever surface suited the painter. Learning for me is greater than what students receive from my students is much more than what they might take home. A week with inspiring eager to learn ladies sets old fires burning. Had a great time new faces, new stories plus painting almost none stop….

thank you class for encouraging me and hope you took something with you and continue painting….JoBeth
This was the last day’s demo..on 140# Arches cold press paper.. some painted on canvas and unfortunately I didn’t get photos of their work. By the end of the week their work was superior to mine…so maybe it was a plus for me. Keep painting and enjoy the talent of visually seeing subjects different.

My Scene

Wet the surface of the paper wash on
New Gamboge and Cadimum Orange
over the people….the center of interest..

While paper is still wet quickly
add mid to darker values of cool reds
greens, blues and purples out to the
papers edge. The challenge is to
keep colors edges soft and graded

After the paper is totally dry
shadows are used to define the
subject. The contrast of lights
and darks at the center of interest
are the main players. The dark edges
are out of focus with hints of color.

Calligraphy and final darks where
they were needed…..I introduce
‘Two Please’