Lunch at Abuleo’s

A color study always precedes my attempt for finished works.  This short video shows the three step process.  It’s on a quarter sheet 11 x 15 of A’rches 140# rough paper.  The pigments are mostly transparent watercolor with an occasional opaque for body.  Enjoy….

The music in the video is one of my favorite CD’s while painting….. flamenco guitar by Armik’s…

Abuleo’s Lunch_0001

Luminous Glow

I had an open window several weeks ago to look back through some of my old sketch books.     Some of those early sketch books are now in the landfill.  However, several sketch books brought back a lot of early memories when I didn’t know transparent verses opaque.   Cold pencil notes from early workshops stared me in the face waiting to be read.   One particular reference was luminosity, paintings that have that warm fuzzy feeling called ‘glow.’   Surely I attended the class because the notes were definitely mine, when my handwriting was more legible.  At first it was like reading something for the first time….then memories began to come back like an old movie.  You know that feeling when the title is foreign and halfway through the movie you remember the ending and title.  Those few pages had me on my feet looking for a photo reference, grabbing a canvas, making a quick sketch, squeezing out fresh paint and trying my hand at a new experience from an old page.  Below is a painting created from a look back….hope you enjoy the view from inside an antique store….JoBeth

Antique Attic

Sketch When Inspired

Recently while having lunch at Abuleo’s, with my husband, I was caught off guard without anything to sketch on but a cocktail napkin or my husbands shirt.  (He said, No). The light reflections streaming in and around the busy scene was a painting waiting in the wings.  I not only didn’t have paper, no pen….so borrowing the waiters pen, shapes that appealed to me where quickly drawn.  The figures moving around changed the light prospective often and another napkin was required.  Think I have enough information to compose several interesting paintings from one setting.  I keep a small tablet in my purse with pen just for those inspiring moments…but where was it when I needed it…at home.  So when you find yourself without, overly inspired,  sketch on anything available….that is anything you can take with you.  Restaurants frown on taking their tablecloths or napkins…..JoBeth

The napkin drawing

The 11×15 study on A’rches 140# rough paper

Big Spring, Texas

Thank you Big Spring Art Association for inviting me to share my passion.  Special thanks for Jean Money and her efficient organizational skills keeping me on track.  Also thanks to  Lane Bond for making me feel at home.  The evening was perfect visiting with old friends and meeting new artist with like minds.  The below image is the demonstration painted for the association.  It is an interior low key painting taken in an ice cream shop or parlor if you happen to be my age.

Still Life Class…

My definition of a still life is anything not moving which just about takes care of most subjects.

St. Francis Hotel, Santa Fe, was my reference photograph. It was actually taken from the sidewalk looking in but I visualized the waiting table from inside.

On Arches #140 paper, I decided on a a low key painting. Wanting the darks to stay as dark as possible it was necessary to paint on dry paper. I used every dark value on my palette….painting around whites and any value that would become a mid value. The shadows were painted at random thinking about shape not actual cast shadow. To finalize, negative darks were painted and calligraphy marks….this was fun and that’s what it’s all about.
The photos below were other’s having fun……or maybe not….

Brenda with one more stroke of green…

Diane’s brush with negative shape

Linda and Donnie comparing notes…

from the palette of Adriana…..