the “what Challenge”

St. Francis Hotel, in Santa Fe, NM, has a lot of potential for paintings. This photo is a balcony with great color and shapes. Great sign….right in the middle, is it necessary….if so where do I need to move it. This is one of those photos that lends itself to two paintings….love those because of the options. Color is always up for grabs….local or a different palette? If you chose to paint this let me know how it turns out or if you have questions….

“the what challenge”

…this is for those of you with the urge and time to paint but don’t know what..or….how. This challenge is to get you started…I created it for a watercolor newsletter which several enjoyed so will continue on this blog. Periodically I will post a subject for you to paint or use something similar with your stash of references. Instruction will be given in regard to color use, technique, value, texture, and because watercolor is that versatile medium it lends itself to many fun experiments. Hope you enjoy and look forward to seeing what your style brings to the table or easel.

Use your creativity to paint this window as if you live there…what would you change…would it be on a larger building…or just a portrait of a window. The choice of color is yours but think mid key values. Aesthetics can dress up any structure….have fun..JoBeth