Landscape Demo

This was a fun landscape because local color was disregarded and some adjustment of the photograph.  It was a struggle keeping a figure from this composition.  The painting was drawn with a brush loaded with yellow ocher which keeps the shapes suggestive.  Halloween orange, Andrews turquoise, and Carmine where the colors of choice.  A light value wash was first applied preserving some white paper.  The wash was dried before the next mid values where established….negative and positive strokes.  Before the final dark’s the paper is totally dry.  Dark values at strategic points and calligraphy are the finishing touches to a delightful day.

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Lamesa Figure Class

Is anyone reading this like me…..take a camera or Ipad….and forget to take the photos of your journey.  Well this is the second time I have failed to use the resources available.  Those attending came to paint and at the end of the day produced some great figures.  If those taking the class would send a photo or photos, some did more than one, I will post them.

I draw figures using the same techniques as other subjects. Starting with a proportional lose drawing with little detail is my approach to any subject including figures.  When I am satisfied with the placement of the figure and the proportions I began with light value washes of warm and cool colors….painting around the figure here and there but also using this wash over the figure.  Cutting across the figure anchors it to the background and splatters in the foreground are much more interesting than cuffed pants and shoes..  When the wash is dry the figure gets attention with color and any detail it needs to come alive.  Waiting for the colors to dry I began with background and foreground….letting the previous wash suggest the setting.  Dark dry brush marks finish the painting….lot of fun and for me a challenge…

Demonstration for class

This was my demo, taught in Lamesa. Students were given 6 different color schemes to chose from. I chose analogous colors of blue, turquoise, blue violet, with the compliment orange. The compliment of orange was to be the color focus around the figures and flower shop. The building and foreground were painted wet into wet with neutrals using the turquoise, blue, and violet keeping whites in check…..while still damp complimentary colors were introduced under the awning…after dry windows, awning, and a figures were suggested with color or light/dark values…calligraphy was added for interest…..

High Key with Mid Values

The paper was dry for washes of carmine, green and orange to be painted around the white buildings, and most of the street. Before the first wash was dry I painted in greens and shadows where they were needed. My plan was to keep the painting in high key (light values) leaving bright whites. It was a challenge to paint the values needed in the beginning as to not disturb them with unnecessary washes over the same area. After the painting was dry darker values where established, calligraphy, and a wash over the foreground street… it seemed to be to light….this is 15×22 using140#Arches cold press paper. Mid values dominate keeping whites and darks connected…..

My Scene

Wet the surface of the paper wash on
New Gamboge and Cadimum Orange
over the people….the center of interest..

While paper is still wet quickly
add mid to darker values of cool reds
greens, blues and purples out to the
papers edge. The challenge is to
keep colors edges soft and graded

After the paper is totally dry
shadows are used to define the
subject. The contrast of lights
and darks at the center of interest
are the main players. The dark edges
are out of focus with hints of color.

Calligraphy and final darks where
they were needed…..I introduce
‘Two Please’


A Canvas Day

Red and turquoise are two of my favorite colors. They make an appearance in most of my paintings. I call these colors gaudy and use them as compliments. From the start of my painting experience color was more attractive than water…’watercolor’. This canvas was painted free hand….after the underpainting was applied using a 1 1/2 brush and saturated color one stroke lead to another and a pot emerged……then a few leaves….why not a fence. I don’t began all paintings throwing caution to the wind…..which in West Texas this term is not used lightly….but it is a challenge to draw with a brush thinking shapes.
Try it on paper or any surface well I can think of a few surfaces you might want to stay away from… your neighbor’s dog. Have a great paint day….JB